Cocktail: Places, Please! | Bartender: Liz Kalles

This drink is a consumable representation of the collision between two of my deepest passions: acting and bartending. Each ingredient reflects contrasting states, feeling, or archetypes I have faced in both industries and as a female in general.

Cocktail: Places, Please! | Bartender Atlas

Photo: Irene Kim

2 oz/60ml Bombay Sapphire Gin
0.75oz/25ml Acidified Genmaicha Tea*
0.75oz/25ml Curried Cointreau**
0.75oz/22.5ml Orgeat Foley***
0.75oz/22.5ml coconut water dilution

Garnish: Bombay Blue Sugar Glass with Coconut 3-ways Foam****

This cocktail is thrown. Build all ingredients in the large part of a Boston style shaker tin. Add kold draft ice to the large part of the tin. Use a julep strainer. Hold the large shaker tin with strainer in your dominant hand as high as possible with the smaller tin as low as comfortably possibly in your lesser dominant hand. Simply tip the top tin so the liquids flow over the ice into the bottom tin. Add the small tin back into the larger tin and repeat 4 times. Strain into rocks glass over large cube and garnish with Bombay Blue Sugar Glass with Coconut 3-ways Foam and mint sprig. Enjoy!

*Acidified Genmaicha Tea: Heavily steep 750ml water with 50g genmaicha tea (I used David’s tea blend, but go off with your own blend sis!). Steep time for me was about 20 minutes. Fine strain and let come to room temp. It should taste BOLD, EARTHY, BITTER. Add 12g malic acid, 25g citric acid, and a pinch a literal pinch of salt. Stir well and taste until it’s tart AF. This is your substitute for lime juice so this ingredient should not be a pleasantly sweet experience on its own.

**Curried Cointreau: Ready for this: 1/2 teaspoon yellow curry power to one 750ml bottle of Cointreau. Let steep for 3 hours. Strain through coffee filter into bottle, boom, done.

***Orgeat Foley: Ready for THIS: take 750ml of your fave simple syrup, I use 1:1 white sugar to water because I’m basic. Add 10ml orange blossom water and 15ml almond extract. Simmer for 10 mins, bottle and store. Tastes like orgeat, isn’t.

****Bombay Blue Sugar Glass with Coconut 3-ways Foam: Okay the version in the photo is not beginner friendly, but you can totally set sugar glass on any non-stick surface in any shape you like. It’s your journey, the more unique, the better. All that’s important is that it’s a non-stick surface and pan. Heat 400g isomalt in a non-stick, I repeat NON-STICK pan, over med-heat until it’s translucent. Add a few drops of a blue oil base food colouring until it looks like the same blue as Bombay (4 drops did me great). With heat resistant gloves, and with a baking sheet under your silicone/non stick surface, carefully pour isomalt into whatever shape you like and let cool until hardened like candy. I’m not kidding isomalt gets so hot it will peel your skin off BE CAREFUL and use heat protection at every step.

For the coconut 3-ways foam, toast unsweetened coconut flakes until golden brown, add one can 400ml coconut milk, one can 400ml coconut cream and 30ml coconut syrup. Okay okay it’s coconut 4-ways, whatever, this is an actor’s cocktail. Fake it til you make it. Simmer 25 mins on med. heat, strain our flakes, let cool. Add 1 egg white (approximately 30ml), add to ISI charger and allow to chill in fridge over night. Charge with one n20 cartridge when completely cool, shake 6 times. Keep in fridge. DO NOT OPEN ISI CHARGER ONCE CHARGED. Recommend reading more on ISI charger usage before attempting. Make sure the charger is empty before opening canister. You can save any extra foam in a tupperware container or vacuum packed bagged. Will last about 5-7 days in fridge. Does not freeze well.

Liz Kalles
Liz Kalles
Vancouver, British Columbia
Home Bar: Jungle Room

This was my cocktail for the Most Imaginative Bartender competition for the Semi-Finals 2024 in Washington, DC.

It was enough to get me to the finals in Orlando in April, but I wanted to share it for anyone who was curious to try it themselves! Sharing is caring and I don’t gate keep recipes for those wanting to learn. That’s how I started!

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