Cocktail: Pretty Please | Bartender: Joshua Medaglia

This cocktail is part of our What’s the Problem series where we hired Bartender Atlas bartenders to create a cocktail inspired by a social issue that is important to them.

Growing up in a small town in northern Ontario with more than one First Nations reserve in the surrounding area, I witnessed first hand their lack of access to clean water. Visiting friends on these reserves gave me a humbling perspective. I felt the need to help in some way. The number of Canadians I have met that aren’t aware of this is too many. I only hope this campaign can bring awareness to this highly important issue.

Due to lack of regulation on reserves, proper treatment plants and remote locations; many First Nations and Indigenous communities in Canada lack access to clean water. In 2015 the Canadian government promised to end all long term advisories by 2021. While there has been some progress made, there are still over 30 long term advisories that have yet to be touched. Some of the advisories date as far back as 1995; like Neskantaga First Nation. Some of these communities have more than 5000 residents all without clean water.

Canada is a developed country that is the world’s 4th most water-rich. Water is a basic human necessity and deemed a basic human right by the UN. We need to prioritize this for our respected First Nations and Indigenous people whose land we reside on.

Resources for this topic:
The Indigenous Foundation – Lack of Clean Drinking Water in Indigenous Communities
Government of Canada – Achieving clean drinking water in First Nations communities

Cocktail: Pretty Please | Bartender Atlas

1 oz Bourbon
1 oz Rye
0.25 oz Honey Syrup
3 bar spoons Benedictine
1 bar spoon Limoncello
2 oz of solidarity 😉

In a mixing glass add all ingredients. Add ice and stir for about 20-30 seconds. Strain into coup and garnish with either ground nutmeg or a lemon twist.

Josh Medaglia
Bartender currently located in Edmonton. In the industry for about 4 years.
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