Cocktail: Queen Mab | Bartender: Keely Rollheiser

Queen Mab had the ability to awaken fantasies – this drink is not only stunning visually, but aromatically and on palate as well!

Cocktail: Queen Mab | Bartender Atlas

2oz Dry Gin
1oz Lemon Juice
1oz Raspberry Hibiscus Syrup*

Chill cocktail coupe with ice. Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake hard. Double strain into chilled coupe. Garnish with a lemon zest and enjoy!

*Raspberry Hibiscus Syrup: In a pot over medium heat simmer 1.75 cups of water, 2 cups of fresh raspberries and 4 tbs of dried hibiscus and rose hip for 20 minutes. Add 2 cups of sugar and 1/2 cup honey. Stir until dissolved. Strain into resealable container and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Makes 2 cups.

Keely Rollheiser
My name is Keely Rollheiser, and I’m a mixologist in Providence, Rhode Island! I love creating cocktails with a funky twist on classic and staple drinks. My favourite spirits to work with are Gin and Bourbon. I believe balanced flavours and precise technique set my cocktails apart from others. Cheers, and sip away!
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