Cocktail: Springtime | Bartender: Eddy S Trenidad

You ever eat Tulips before?

Well the dutch did.. really in the hunger winter, the winter 44/45, that’s when they had to eat tulip bulbs. Before that you could get things in the shops with coupons but in that hunger winter nothing at all was available. All that there was to eat got confiscated by the Germans and went to Germany. They didn’t think the tulips were tasty so they were allowed to eat them.

So you might think..What’s next ? 🙂 Tulip Vodka of course, and after that a tasty cocktail.

Cocktail: Springtime | Bartender Atlas

50ml Clusius Tulip Vodka
25ml Dolin dry vermouth
15ml Mezcal Nuestra Soledad
3 dash peychauds bitters
2 dash Rose water
Barspoon simple syrup

Stir all ingredients in mixing glass with ice, then strain into tumbler with fresh ice.
Spray cocktail with St-Germain.
Garnish with Tulip.

Method of drinking : eat a tulip leaf then sip and enjoy your Springtime Tulip cocktail. 🍸😎


Eddy S Trenidad
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