Cocktails: Sunshine Liquid | Bartender: Amir Abdalla

For a talented mixologist, nothing is more satisfying than looking at an image of one of the cocktails he’s tied up. It’s called the pleasure of getting the work done. That’s the moment of truth. Either you did your job with passion or you were just there for the paid hours. This is a great riff on a classic Old Fashioned.

30 ml Prune Infused Whiskey*
10 ml Maple syrup
1 dash Angostura

Prepare rocks glass by filling half with water and place in a freezer at a 45 degree angle until frozen.

Put all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir until diluted. Strain into prepared rocks glass and garnish with burnt orange wedge.

*Prune Infused Whiskey: Fill a one-quart jar with 300 grams of Prune with the pulp removed. Fill the jar with 0.75 litre of Whiskey. Seal jar and let infuse for 2 days in a warm, dark place. After 2 Days of infusion, strain whisky with cheesecloth and store in sealable container.>

Amir Abdalla
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