Cocktail: The Monarch | Bartender: Jenna Hemsworth

In 2018 I was fortunate enough to take out Australian Bartender of the Year- the first woman to do so in its 18 year history. As part of that, I was entered as a wild card into the Australian finals of Bacardi Legacy. Self promotion is something I’m not at all comfortable with, and being put forward in that competition brought forward lots of anxiety and self doubt about my promotional/marketing abilities! I instead chose to take a different approach and play to my strengths by creating a project I am passionate and excited about. That’s how The Monarch came to be. Essentially each day I profile a woman (use of the term is not bound by gender, however you identify is perfectly fine- it’s about gender equality and those who are part of our fight!) who is trailblazing in her field, inspiring to those around her, passionate and talented. I share their stories in the hopes to inspire others.

Cocktail: The Monarch | Bartender Atlas

45mL Bacardi Blanca
10ml Dom Benedictine
20mL lime juice
30ml mandarin juice
Peel of one mandarin
8 basil leaves

Method: Lightly muddle the mandarin peel to release oils, then add all ingredients and shake hard and fast. Double strain into a coupette, garnish with young basil sprig.

Jenna Hemsworth
Self loathing shameless self promoter trying to start a legacy of self love and celebration.
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