Cocktail: The Pavilion | Bartenders: Sally Groves & Sabrina Touzel

This cocktail was created for the Semi-Finals of the Takes Two to Altos team cocktail competition. The theme for this leg of the competition was “show us your city”.

As the competition fell in early spring, Montreal was bare of plants and the search for seasonal ingredients left us empty of ideas. We decided to look for inspiration in the bigger picture of Montreal as a cultural entity and less was as culturally significant than Expo 67. The Expo changed the face of the city both literally and figuratively, bringing with it new architecture, infrastructure (the metro and a whole island!), art and philosophy. More relevant to us in creating this cocktail was how the Expo diversified the visitors’ palettes with new culinary experiences from countries worldwide. Rarely experienced spirits like tequila were free-flowing, and spices were abundant in the foods presented in the pavilions.

The Pavilion is a cocktail that combines the flavors of locally abundant strawberries, with a helping of Montreal’s culinary diversity and a hint of retro flare. A representation of not only the city we call home but of both of our creative workflows.


2 oz Olmeca Altos Plata
1 tsp Expo Spice Tincture (anise, fennel, pink peppercorn, cardamom, coriander, Szechuan pepper, clove)
3/4 oz Lime Peel and Honey Yogurt
1 oz Last Summer’s Strawberry Shrub
1/2 oz Lime Super Juice
2 dash 1:20 Saline Solution
Garnish: Spiced Strawberry Jello

Combine and shake all ingredients. Fine strain into a chilled highball glass over a spear. Garnish with a spoon of strawberry jello.