Cocktail: Tropical Sunset | Bartender: Raj Rijhwani

This drink is a “skinny and bitter” homage to the Piña Colada… how my sister is to me haha, just kidding sis lol but yes, it is light, approachable, crushable and delicious!

Cocktail: Tropical Sunset | Bartender Atlas

1oz Dillon’s Maison Selby Pineapple Honey Gin
1oz Aperol
0.75oz Lime juice
0.5oz Coconut syrup
2 drops 20% saline solution

Shake with ice; double strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a dehydrated lime.

Raj Rijhwani
Head Bartender at Maison Selby, O&B. I prefer simple recipes where the ingredients are the star of the drink.
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