Cocktail: Turn the Beet Around | Bartender: Joe Nicol

I’m a fan of incorporating health or wellness somehow into my drinks. Whether it be a low caloric intake or a fresh ingredient that provides some kind of nutrition besides the empty carbs of liquor. I love roasted beets and peppers so I found a way to get them into a cocktail!

2oz Roasted Veggie Infused Altos Olmeca Blanco Tequila*
0.5oz Hibiscus Tea Syrup**
0.25oz Ancho Verde
0.75oz Fresh lime juice
1oz Fresh pineapple Juice (you want it to froth)

Shaken and Topped with local Asheville brewery Gingers Revenge, Lime Agave expression.

*Roasted Veggie Infused Altos Olmeca Blanco Tequila: For every 750ml of Tequila I roast 3 beets and one large jalapeño. A touch of oil and pinch of salt is a nice touch before you wrap it in tin foil. Let it bake for 3 hours on 400 degrees. Once cooled, peel and quarter the beets, core and slice up jalapeño. Simply let it rest in a vessel large enough to hold the tequila and the produce. In 24 hours strain the new earthy and beautifully purple juice back into the bottle. If you plan on going through it slower than 2 weeks I’d refrigerate it for shelf life.

**Hibiscus Tea Syrup: Brew a cup of hibiscus tea. (Choose your fav brand.) Equal parts brewed tea and sugar will leave you with a tart and floral simple syrup.

Joe Nicol
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