Cocktail: Victorian Redemption | Bartender:Tori Blathwayt

4 years ago I was at the Lot 40 cocktail competition and I almost set the judges on fire! This is my Redemption! A chance to make amends, I took the concept of my cocktail from back then and built on it with my knowledge now to make this beautiful fizz.

Cocktail: Victorian Redemption | Bartender Atlas

60ml Lot 40 whiskey
20ml thickened cream
10ml Maple syrup
15ml Raspberry Syrup (in house is best but store bought works fine)
20ml egg white
4 dashes of Angostura bitters

Add all the above ingredients to a shaker. Shake with ice then strain and shake without ice.
Single strain into a chilled fizz glass without ice and top with Soda to create a solid head sitting 1 cm above the rim of the glass.

Dust with brown sugar and use a torch to creme brulee on the top of the drink.
Serve with a smile and singed eyebrows.

Victoria Blathwayt
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