Cocktail: White Lies | Bartender: Davide De Ciantis

One of my favorite spirits is Baijiu. However, little is known about this Chinese spirit… it’s flavour profile and aroma are quite difficult to work with due to its sweet aroma and sharp almost barnyard flavour…to me it closely resembles a French cider or a fine aged cheese. Regardless, I was determined to create a cocktail that would be approachable to those unfamiliar with the spirit. Hopefully this will turn non believers into believers.

Cocktail: White Lies | Bartender Atlas

1.5oz of Tromba Blanco tequila
0.75oz of Baijiu
0.5 honey syrup
1oz of fresh lime juice
2 dash bar 40 umami bitters
Luxardo bitter bianco wash on a chilled champagne flute

Shake, double strain and served up. No garnish

Davide De Ciantis
My name is Davide de Ciantis and I am the owner/operator of Eighty 6'd. We are a bar/restaurant where the dinner menu changes weekly and the 500 spirit back bar is completely based on an "on the fly cocktail" concept. We focus on zero waste and primarily using seasonal ingredients. I love what I do and I want our guests to see the passion instilled within my staff and myself. We want our guests to feel at home and to be as adventurous as we are with our cuisine and beverages.
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