Deanston: Cut From a Different Tartan

Deanston Distillery is one that has always done things a little different than the rest. The founder, Brodie Hepburn was a visionary. He saw potential in an old cotton mill on the River Teith and the town of Deanston as a great place to make whisky. The River Teith has so much power that they are able to create electricity needed to run all of the Distillery through electrical turbines and sell 75% of it back to the National Grid. Deanston also prides itself in using only local Scottish barley in their whisky and taking their time in producing whisky in their own careful way. There’s no rushing the good stuff!

Recently, Deanston Distillery, along with Bartender Atlas, went on a mission to find bartenders in Canada who were just like them: carving their own paths. They’re Cut from a Different Tartan. They’re bold change makers who are making a difference in their communities. Here’s your chance to meet these bartenders and their cocktails, and hear a little of their story as to why they were chosen for the Cut from a Different Tartan initiative.


Calliope Draper and their cocktail, Picnic by the Water (full recipe)



Eleni Bock and her cocktail, The Root Race (full recipe)


Kate Chernoff and her cocktail, Just Like a River (full recipe)


Marian Walsh and her cocktail, Caring Quilt (full recipe) 


Michael King and his cocktail, Home (full recipe)