Are you a Lover of Cocktails?

Are you a lover of cocktails? So are we!

Because really, what is there not to love? Perhaps you are looking for a cocktail recipe to try to make at home on your own. Or perhaps you are planning a trip to some far off city and you are wondering what bars to visit while there.

But why we really want you here is to discover a new bartender or two. Whether they be in your own city or in one you are traveling to. Why? Because bartenders are great ambassadors to their city.

They are privy to all kinds of information that you will not see in any silly travel guide. These people know things.

So go on, take a gander, read their profiles. Maybe they like antique hunting  just like you which makes you a natural fit to cozy up on a stool at their bar and learn a thing or two (while drinking a delicious cocktail or two).

(And if you really feel like geeking out and learning more about the people in the industry, may we suggest you checking out the community!)