Reyka Vodka and Bloody Roots

Sometimes to get the best out of yourself, you need to separate yourself from distracting outside influences. You need to look within. Feel out what you have at your disposal and make the most of it. This isn’t some self-help blog post, this is how Reyka Vodka is made.

Using Icelandic glacier water (because what other water would there be in Iceland?) and a very rare Carter-Head Still, Reyka Vodka is distilled only once. That is all you need when you have water that pure and a still that unique. The vodka is then filtered through the volcanic rock of which Iceland is composed, which leaves you with the essence of Vodka.

Only a place as remote and unique as Iceland could produce a vodka like Reyka. Imagine being surrounded by waterfalls, tiny horses (who themselves are a testament to purity), volcanoes and blessings of narwhal.

In the world there are few places as remote and distinct as Iceland, and Reyka is the distillation of that uniqueness.


Reyka Vodka | Bartender Atlas Custom Cocktail: Bloody Roots
2oz Reyka Vodka
.5oz Dry Vermouth
2-3oz Soda Water
Jamaica (pronounced ha-MY-ka) IceStart by dropping one cube of Jamaica ice in the bottom of an old fashioned glass. Add more clear ice cubes t fill the glass. Pour Reyka Vodka, dry vermouth and soda into glass. As you drink, the jamaica will slowly infuse it’s dry florality into the drink. Plus it looks likes lava underneath the clear top of the drink. The name of the cocktail has more to do with Vikings than it does with the flavour of the drink.

You can find jamaica (dried hibiscus flowers) in any Mexican grocery store or sometimes in health food stores.Steep Jamaica in water for 45 minutes. Pour water into ice cube tray and let freeze.


What you need to remember:
Reyka is an Icelandic Vodka, made using glacier water, filtered through volcanic rock. The distillery runs entirely on geothermal heat.

What to brag about at your next cocktail party or to show off on your next date:
The reason that Reyka is so pure and still flavourful is because of the extremely rare Carter-Head Still it is distilled in. There are only 6 in the world!

What to order with your Reyka Cocktail:
In Iceland, puffin and milk sauce. If you are short on puffin, a rich creamy dish will do just fine.

Post in collaboration with Reyka Vodka and PMA Canada. Please drink responsibly.