Home Bartender: Alcohol & Anxiety

It’s The Home Bartender time! This monthly feature is taking a slightly different turn this month as Home Bartender expert, Matej Novak, talks alcohol and anxiety.


If you’re a professional bartender, you’ve probably gone through some training. You adhere to the rules and guidelines of where you work. You know not to serve anyone too much. You have the experience to recognize the telltale signs of problematic behaviour.

If you serve drinks at home, anything goes. There’s no oversight. No rules but your own — which is why it’s a good idea to set some rules for you and your guests.

The point is, whether you make cocktails for a living or as a hobby, there’s a darker side to alcohol, one that shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored.

I was going to say this will be a short post, but if you’re reading this, you can already see that. There’s more in my video, where I stumble through this topic and hopefully make a little sense along the way.

Matej Novak
Matej is a writer and cocktail enthusiast living in Kingston, Ontario. He’s annoyed bartenders with endless questions in cities including Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Portland, Prague, London and Tokyo. He’s also amassed more cocktail tools and accoutrements than with which he knows what to do (told you he’s a writer). Don’t be like Matej. Learn from his mistakes — and his successes — instead.
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