Toronto Tour Profile: LoPan

In November we are pumped to be hosting a three-day Bartender Atlas Toronto Tour! You can find more information about the whole Toronto Tour here and we will continue updating that page as we release new details. Trust us, you are going to want to come out! Leading up to the big events, we wanted to profile some key players of it. First up: LoPan, located at 503 College Street.

LoPan opened in 2014 upstairs from the much-anticipated Dailo. This den for cocktails has hosted some of Toronto’s best known bartenders and some of it’s most legendary competitions. The kites decorating the ceiling and the neon signs in the window give the illusion of sitting somewhere upscale hidden inside a Chinatown eatery of 1970’s New York.

The drink list at LoPan has always reflected what Chef Nick Liu has on the menu taking simple classics and twisting them to fit the space and time we live in. Flairs of asian-inspired ingredients used to heighten familiar concoctions.

For the Bartender Atlas Toronto Tour Bar Hop on Tuesday, November 15th, bar manager Charlie Lamont will be offering up his cocktail creation: Melona 22. Lamont, a transplant from Glasgow, created this cocktail using The Botanist Gin, melon & apple liqueurs, lime juice, egg white and cashew orgeat to capture some Far East flavours and wrap them around an interesting Scottish gin.

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