Independent Study Day

Independent Study Day is a monthly event created by Bartender Atlas that takes place at Ahma in Parkdale, Toronto. ISD takes place on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of the month and is open to any and every bartender who wants to attend.  ISD is an event that include a talk with an industry leader and then ample time for talking, sharing and learning. Over the years of running Toronto Cocktail Conference we have seen the magic of what comes during the breaks between the seminars. When TOCC guests meet and have real conversations about what they just learned and what is going on in their bars and lives. Since the pandemic, we have noticed a real lack in mentorship. Not every bartender has an experienced person that they can go to to learn and grow from. We want Independent Study Day to become a hub for this. We believe that everyone has something of value that we can learn from and we believe in centre-out education rather than just top down.

Independent Study Day is for all bartenders of all levels no matter where you work. We want bar owners/managers to send their bar teams. We want people to carpool from outside of Toronto to come join in. We want bartenders to bring their questions and frustrations and we want to work through them. We want the bartenders to bring new ingredients or cocktails or menus they are working on for feedback. In the end, we just want everyone drinking better drinks and we believe that this is a way to do that.

The format of ISD is: Doors open at 12pm and guests are greeted with a welcome cocktail. At 12:30pm, our Josh hosts a talk with an industry leader. Then from 1:30pm to 3pm, guests are encouraged to hang out and chat/share/ask questions. We have lunch for the guests as well as cocktails and spirit samplings.

There is opportunity for spirit brands to sponsor a Independent Study Day. This is a way for you to get your product on the lips of bartenders in a genuine way. It’s a great way to launch a new expression and to give away from sweet swag. Please contact us for more information.

Past ISD speakers have included Robin Wynne, Gord Hannah, Juliana Wolkowski and Tristan Joseph.

Past and upcoming ISD sponsors include Del Maguey Mezcal, Codigo Tequila, Jameson Black Barrel, Campari Academy Canada and Deanston Whisky.


Our next Independent Study Day is taking place on Tuesday, July 30th. This month we’re talking with Evelyn Chick who will be giving tips on how to BE READY!

Evelyn Chick is the owner of Simpl Things, Ahma, Story Glassware, author of For The Love Of Cocktails, co-curator of the bar and beverage stage at the Restaurants Canada Show, multiple cocktail competition winner, and resident drinks consultant on The Good Stuff with Mary Berg. She will talk about everything you should know to have yourself set up for anything that might come your way. Plus our Jess will be offering professional headshots to all guests!

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