Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-Alcoholic Drinks | Bartender Atlas

It’s that time of year, the beginning of a new one, when many look at their alcohol consumption. How much they are drinking, what they are drinking, why they are drinking. Some people choose to do a Dry January by abstaining from alcohol for the first month of the year. Some people choose a Damp January by drinking less alcohol than usual, especially after the wild December holiday season. Some people choose to give up alcohol entirely.

People stop drinking alcohol for all kinds of reasons including lifestyle, health and addiction. The incredible thing about choosing to not drink alcohol is that never before has there been so many great options for interesting and delicious non-alcoholic drinks. Nearly every bar now has a non-alcoholic section on their menu that is more than just juice and soda. The options of non-alcoholic drinks to have at home has grown immensely from beers to spirits to RTDs (ready-to-drink). Companies are creating some very thoughtful, delicious and beautiful (just look at those labels!) for the non-alcohol category. We love this.

When drinking at home, we often reach for what is convenient and easy. Throughout January we are sharing a bunch of products that include crushable beers, canned drinks and non-alcoholic spirits that often can be had neat or as a two-part drink (just add soda or tonic or you can go wild and create something more elaborate!). We wanted to share these products to encourage you on whatever non-alcoholic journey you find yourself on whether it is just to carry you through the month or throughout your lifetime. We are here for it and we got you.

A couple of notes:
– Many non-alcoholic drinks have an expiry date so read those labels.
– Many non-alcoholic spirits require refrigeration once opened.
– Non-alcoholic spirits freeze! If you are like us when hosting parties in Canadian winters you are used to storing the drinks outside on the deck – you cannot do this with non-alcoholic spirits. Out of all of the packages that we received for this series, we managed to only lose one due to exploding cans thanks to those frigid temperatures.
– Not all products listed as “non-alcoholic” are 100% free of alcohol. Some do have 0.5% or less so if this is a concern for you, please be sure to read all labels.
– We believe that regardless of alcohol, these drinks should be celebrated. Pour them in a fancy glass and really make it special.