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Sometimes when you are craving an alcoholic drink, the best thing is to have something non-alcoholic on-hand that you can simply crack open and enjoy. Barbet is a full-flavoured sparkling water with bold but refreshing flavours. Barbet was founded by two sisters and is bubbled in Toronto. Each can gives back $0.03 to a local grassroots charity organisation: Wild Card = Save Our Scruff, Love Bite = Good to be Good and Light Wave = A Greener Future.

Seen here are:
Wild Card, a Tangy blood orange and electric calamansi with
 a flicker of hot jalapeño pepper.
Love Bite, a Tart pink grapefruit and a cheeky bite of ginger with earthy juniper.
Light Wave, a Crunchy cucumber and sun soaked pineapple with
a subtle smooch of lavender.

And how cute are these cans?! We love their branding and they taste delicious. Our favourite of the three flavours was Light Wave.

What we like about Barbet: Sometimes what you’re craving is just a little something. A little oomph from water but nothing too big or bold or heavy. We love Barbet for being the perfect solution to this. Plus, pouring it in a nice glass makes you feel fancy.

Barbet delivers across Canada and they also have a full list of retailers on their website here.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks | Bartender Atlas

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