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We love what Wild Folk is all about. This Alberta-based company supports a commitment to sustainable development and having a low impact on the environment. Their canned cocktails are made with sourced 95% organic ingredients that are fair-trade and hand-harvested whenever possible. Wild Folk loves using the whole plant – from root to petal. These beverages have hidden health benefits that assist with good digestion and reducing inflammation. Cinnamon is an ingredient in all three which helps regulate blood-sugar.

Seen here are their Sparkling Negroni, Vermouth Spritz and Bee’s Knees.

Wild Folk Sparkling Negroni has a light effervescence that is layered, bold and complex. It has notes of rhubarb, grapefruit rind, rosehip, juniper and some warming spices that include fennel, cinnamon, star anise and Sichuan peppercorn. There are 26 herbs, roots, rinds and botanicals that make up this beverage. The sweetness is slightly higher in this one to balance the bitter roots.

Wild Folk Vermouth Spritz is akin to a floral, Italian ginger-beer. This Amaro cocktail uses chamomile, calendula, orris root, ginger, lemon zest, coriander.  There are 22 ingredients total in this drink.

Wild Folk Bee’s Knees is based off a 1920’s cocktail of lemon, honey and gin botanicals. There are many wildflowers that bees go after added in this drink including red clover, elderflower and dandelion in addition to a wildflower honey and fresh lemon juice. This cocktail is earthy and refreshing. The vibrant colour comes from turmeric and the tongue tingle from timut peppercorn. 19 ingredients make up the Bee’s Knees.

What do we like about Wild Folk? These drinks are thoughtful and interesting. The artwork and packaging is stunning. You feel good drinking these knowing how much care has been put into the creation of them.

Wild Folk is currently sold in 60 stores across Canada. They focus on small, independent shops, whose values align with their own. You can also find Wild Folk through their website, as well as Not Wasted, The Sansorium, Softer Drink and the Sobr Market.

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