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What is Chilean Pisco?
– A grape-based spirit usually made with Muscatel grapes (but there are a total of 11 varietals that can be used)
– Made in only two regions in the north of Chile: Atacama and Coquimbo. The climates here are dry and desert-like.
– The maximum distillation strength is 73%
– After distillation, water is added to lower the ABV.
– All Pisco must be stored for 60 days

What about Pisco El Gobernador?
– Born in the dry and sunny climate of the Limarí Valley in Chile.
– Made from Muscat Rosada and Muscat of Alexandria grapes.
– This pisco chileno is made with a single process of discontinuous distillation in a copper still as the best way of preserving the terpenic aromas of the grapes.
– Pisco El Gobernador is a versatile and diverse character: lush floral aroma with tinges of roses and jasmine, as well as candied citrus skins. On the palate it is sweet, round, and even creamy, with a long and persistent finish.
– This pisco is ideal for the creation of numerous cocktails including the Pisco Sour and Piston (Pisco & Tonic).

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