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How Can I Help You? A talk with Rocky Yeh

In an industry full of big personalities, there are few people as impactful as Seattle-based Rocky Yeh. If you have ever attended a Cocktail Week anywhere in North America odds are you have run into Rocky. Sometimes in a suit helping usher guests to their seats, sometimes shirtless extolling the virtues of barrel aged spirits. He…

21+ with Bartender H

To get better at anything requires a lot of hard work. Learning, practising, making mistakes and doing it all over again. The bartending community is full of veterans. Those people who have been behind the wood for decades. Who have seen trends and cocktails evolves. From these people we can learn a heck of a…

Hold on to Your Ego – Character development for Bartenders

You may have bumped into an epistle that’s been floating around the bar-o-sphere with a bit of a tailwind of late entitled “Buh-Bye Hipster: Why the Friendly Bartender is Making a Comeback”, offered by the business section of an American news website. It opens with the proclamation that “…the trend of the hipster bartender is…

The Power of our Education

What an incredible time to be a bartender — there are so many fantastic opportunities  already set up for us to learn from those who came before us.  I haven’t been bartending for all too long, but I can see a massive shift over the last few years, so I am sure those who have…

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