Toronto Tour

Bartender Atlas Toronto Tour

We are pleased to announce the Bartender Atlas Toronto Tour which is taking places from Sunday, November 13th until Tuesday, November 15th! The Toronto Tour will include a variety of events to take place over three days and we will be flying in two special guest bartenders for it from Birmingham, Alabama: Steva Casey & Eric Bennett. These two awesome bartenders will be participating in all of the festivities so don’t be shy in chatting them up and showing them just how awesome Toronto is! The Toronto Tour is going to be a lot of fun and we want to see all of your faces coming out to at least one or all of the events. Below is all of the information that you need for the Toronto Tour.

When sharing anything on social media, please use the hashtag #BAToronto so that we can all follow along!

Bartender Atlas Passport

Bartender Atlas Passports
At your first stop at any of our events of the Toronto Tour, be sure to pick up a Bartender Atlas passport from either us (Jess or Josh) or from the venue. For every Bartender Atlas Toronto Tour event you do, you will get a stamp on your passport. There are ten stamps that you can earn so the more that you get, the better it will be for you! At the end of the Toronto Tour at our closing party on Tuesday, November 15th at Food & Liquor, we will be drawing for some great prizes. If you manage to collect all ten stamps, you will be entered into the draw for an awesome grand prize! Even if you are not able to attend all events to collect all of the stamps, you are still entered in to win other prizes. If you are unable to attend the closing party, please give your passport to us (Jess or Josh) at the last event that you are able to attend and we will be sure that you are entered in!


  • Guest Bartending Night, 9pm at El Rey (2a Kensington Avenue) 
    Our guest bartenders – Steva and Eric – will be mixing up Lot 40 Whisky cocktails at El Rey from 9pm onwards! El Rey will also have a food special going that night – popcorn shrimp & guac tostada for $9! This is going to be a great night to ease into the Toronto Tour!

El Rey Mezcal Bar


  • Get Moving, 12pm at MISFITSTUDIO (761 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor)
    At Bartender Atlas, we believe in living a well-balanced life and looking after yourself and your body. You cannot have a night out of drinking without doing a little self-care. Join us at 12pm for a Pilates class at MISFITSTUDIO (Queen Street West location). Amber will guide us for an hour of movement and we will all be better for it! The number of participants for this class will be limited so sign up in advance to reserve a spot! The cost for a drop-in class is $20. If you are new to MISFIT, please fill out this form before coming to speed things up when you arrive.
  • Bartender Atlas Cocktail Competition, 7pm, Drake Hotel (1150 Queen St W)
    Our cocktail competition will be a part of The Drake Hotel‘s 86’d Mondays, our two guest bartenders will be competing against four other bartenders in a competition like you have never seen before.The competitors:

Bartender Atlas Cocktail Competition
Since this is a competition like we haven’t seen before in Toronto, we chose judges who are not the normal fare at cocktail comps in this city. We are happy to announce that these three judges will be: Max Valiquette, Lana Gay and Chris Nuttall-Smith.




Max Valiquette Max Valiquette is fixture in the Toronto hospitality scene. A four time host of the Terroir conference, Max is a marketer who has worked with some of Toronto’s most popular restaurants on their brands and communications. He is a frequent presenter at food and hospitality conferences across the continent, and a frequent sitter on barstools everywhere. Max recently hosted the Most Imaginative Bartender competition for Bacardi. and will always regret the moment when a prominent Toronto restauranteur accepted Max’s offer of a shot of Pappy 23…only to mix it with Coca-Cola.
Chris Nuttall-Smith | Bartender Atlas Chris Nuttall-Smith is a well-known restaurant critic and food writer whose work has appeared in Esquire, New York magazine, The Wall Street Journal, enRoute, Toronto Life and The Globe and Mail, where he spent the last five years on the dining beat. He is currently working on a TV show and a book project, neither of which he’s allowed to discuss. He is an overconfident home cook and cocktails geek; his favourite drink at the moment is a London Calling made with fino, lemon, orange bitters, gin and an enormous, raggedy-edged grapefruit twist.
Lana Gay Lana Gay is a Toronto broadcaster. You can hear her from 2-7pm on Indie88 and as well as on the Polaris Podcast. Lana is fixated on independent music and also enjoys writing and tweeting about oddities, technology, food culture and anything to do with Dolly Parton. Lana is proud to hail from Leamington, Ontario where she was raised on Motown music and Hungarian food (an underrated combo, really.) She won the ‘Most Likely to Save the World Award’ in high school and thinks beer, nachos and friendship is a magical trinity. Once she tried to chase a rainbow and ended up in Blenheim, Ontario.




Just look at all of our sponsors for the evening, thanks to Corby Spirits & Wine and Campari Canada. It’s time to stir things up, Toronto!


  • Cocktail Competition AFTER PARTY, 10:30pm, PrettyUgly (1237 Queen St W)
    Join us after the cocktail competition at the newly opened PrettyUgly! Evelyn Chick and her team will be offering up a delicious Monkey Shoulder Whisky punch called Head in the Clouds (Monkey Shoulder, Amontillado, Salty Peaches, Lemon, Chai tea & nutmeg) for $10.
    PrettyUgly | Bartender Atlas


  • Get Moving, 12pm at Pursuit OCR (444 Dufferin St)
    Just as before, it’s time for a little action for your health! Come run the obstacle course with us at Pursuit OCR. Dropping in at this time is only $10. Your body will thank you for it later! To speed things up for your arrival, please fill out their waiver beforehand (click “Sign our Waiver” at bottom of page.)Pursuit OCR
  • Toronto Bar Hop, beginning 6pm, various locations
    Have you seen our Bar Hop series yet? On this evening, we will be doing one by visiting a bunch of great bars in Toronto. Each stop will have a special featured $10 cocktail for the tour. Our first stop at LoPan will also have food for an additional $20. The key to a good Bar Hop is fuelling up for the night so this will give us a great start! The Bar Hop will end at Food & Liquor where we will have the closing party for the Toronto Tour. Join us for the entire tour, or meet us along the way. It’s going to be great. The bars listed will have their featured cocktail for that evening (well until they run out of their spirits!) so if you miss us at the time listed below, you can pop in before or after the allocated times. A few of these spots can fill up quickly, luckily they are all surrounded by other terrific bars. (Miss Thing’s, The Commodore, Mezzrows, The Yukon etc…). You will want to make sure to meet us at the last stop for the wrap party.
    6pm: LoPan (503 College St, above DaiLo) – thanks to Botanist Gin!
    7:30pm: Bar Raval (505 College St) – thanks to Amaro Sibilla & Guerra Vermouth
    9pm: Chantecler (1320 Queen St W) – thanks to Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers
    10pm: The Shameful Tiki Room (1378 Queen St W) – thanks to Appleton Estate
    11pm: Parts & Labour (1566 Queen St W) – thanks to Tequila Tromba
    12am: Food & Liquor (1610 Queen St W) – thanks to Great Lakes Brewery & Wild Turkey

Bartender Atlas Bar Hop Toronto

Don’t forget! Pick up your passport at the first Toronto Tour event that you visit and collect a stamp at each location then either give us (Jess & Josh) your passport at the last event that you attend or submit it at the Closing Party at Food & Liquor to be entered in to win some great prizes thanks to some pretty awesome people including: Cocktail Emporium, Bittered Sling, Drake General Store, The Crafty Bartender, Noble Estates, The Drake Hotel, Worker Bee Supply and Kitten & the Bear. The grand prize is a beautiful bar tool kit – to be eligible to win it, you must attend all of the evening events of the Toronto Tour!

Toronto Tour Prizes | Bartender Atlas

Let us know if you can make it by checking your attendance on our FB Event here.