Giffard Cocktail Challenge


For three months in 2023 we did a Cocktail Challenge with Giffard. On one night in the month, we would visit 3 bartenders while they were working at their bar and present them with a bottle of Giffard. What product they were receiving was a surprise until that moment. They then had 10 minutes to create a cocktail with the Giffard and present it to the three judges. After visiting the three bartenders, the judges would choose one winner who then received 3 additional bottles of Giffard and a $100 gift card to Cocktail Emporium. This was a fun way to test a bartender’s creativity in the comfort of their own bar. Doing it over the period of three months meant that each month, we gained more attention to the program and had more bartenders interested in participating.

Bartender Atlas tasks for Giffard Cocktail Challenge included:

  • Creating the entire concept of the challenge and pitching it to Giffard
  • Hiring a writer and historian Christine Sismondo to be the 3rd judge
  • Promotion of challenge to get bartenders interested in participating
  • Social shares during and after each competition to further promote it and to show off what we were doing
  • Organisation of each night in terms of timing and location
  • Distribution of prizes to winning bartenders