Cocktail: Hastily Made Suitcase | Bartender: Leo Fernandes

Ever wanted to go to the airport and just get on a random flight and get the hell out of dodge? End up at some random hut on a beach and you notice something the catches your eye that you want to try out? This is the hastily made suitcase.

Cocktail: Hastily Made Suitcase | Bartender Atlas

1/2 of a Kiwi
1.5oz Citadelle Gin
0.25oz Aperol
0.25oz St-Germain
2oz mango juice
1oz pineapple juice
2 drops of grapefruit/orange bitters (nickel9distillery)

Muddle a half a kiwi in a tin then add rest of ingredients ingredients and shake with ice. Double strain into a rocks glass over a king cube. It’s going to be messy with the kiwi so do DOUBLE strain. Garnish with a kiwi slice.

Leo Fernandes
I'm absolutely in love with our craft, it's my passion. I love researching and reading all that I can about the art of mixology. I have built great fulfilling relationships with other bartenders locally and abroad sharing ideas and inspirations. I always love to try something new and being able to perform in front of guests, the smiles and genuine involvement and interactions and teaching them something about what they are drinking. It's such a high and drives me to want to do this every day. Follow me on Instagram.
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