TBAPOD – The Bartender Atlas Podcast

Every other week Josh Lindley brings you conversations with bar industry pros, discussing who they are, where they came from and what inspired them, not just behind the bar, but in all facets of life. TBAPOD is available on Simplecast, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Listen, subscribe and rate us!


  1. Samuel Jimenez (Oakland, CA)
  2. Steva Casey (Birmingham, AL)
  3. Josh Davis (Chicago, IL)
  4. Chantelle Gabino (Toronto, ON)
  5. Josue Romero (Los Angeles, CA)
  6. Samantha Casuga (New York, NY)
  7. Shannon-Blue Nanibush (Ottawa, ON)
  8. Audrey Hands (Toronto, ON)
  9. Sly Augustin (London, UK)
  10. Christina Veira (Toronto, ON)
  11. Micah Anderson (Portland, OR)
  12. Erick Castro (San Diego, CA)
  13. Chris Cabrera (New York, NY)
  14. Victoria Blathwayt (Melbourne, AUS)
  15. Johnny Caldwell (Charleston, SC)
  16. Taneka Reaves (Charleston, SC)
  17. Thatta Kimura (São Paulo, Brazil)
  18. Mary Palac (San Jose, CA)
  19. Amie Ward (Baltimore, MD)
  20. Joseph Mortera (Mexico City, MX)
  21. Christina Kuypers (Toronto, ON)
  22. Eugene Nyaundi (Nairobi, Kenya)
  23. Lindsay Jones (Halifax, NS)
  24. Claudia Cabrera (Mexico City, MX)

TBAPOD - The Bartender Atlas Podcast

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Bartender Atlas is a worldwide community of bartenders created for bartender and cocktail lovers alike.



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