Campari Stir Crazy


Within days of the world shutting down due to the pandemic in March 2020, Campari Group Canada reached out to us to see what we could do together to help bartenders across Canada. Our initial thought was: we need to get money to out of work bartenders. The original plan was to hire 25 bartenders across the country to create a cocktail using a Campari product that they had on-hand at home. We received over 130 submissions from bartenders eager to participate and Campari Group Canada made the incredible decision to hire them all. At a time when there was so much uncertainty in the world, Campari Stir Crazy was definitely a light for us – and this group of bartenders. As soon as the bartenders submitted their completed and approved recipe, Bartender Atlas was able to get money to them, within a couple of weeks of launching this initiative.

In January 2022, as Toronto was in the midst of yet another lockdown, Campari Group Canada reached out to us to see if we wanted to do Campari Stir Crazy again. This time around, we hired 144 bartenders from across Canada to create a cocktail. We then pushed this initiative further by selling to the public electronic versions of individual cocktails as well as a catalog of all of them. The money raised from these sales were then divided up by all participating bartenders getting them more money in their pockets at a time in need. In the summer of 2023, Campari Group Canada released a beautiful book containing all of the recipes as a gift to the bartenders.

Bartender Atlas did all of the work for Campari Stir Crazy including:

  • Promotion to get bartenders interested in participating
  • Working with the bartenders on their recipes
  • Recreating every recipe and photographing them
  • Organising and sharing all cocktail recipes and photographs to the Campari Group Canada team
  • Distributing funds to the bartenders
  • Organising the sale of the recipes
  • Further promoting the campaign on our social streams