Bar Hop: Walk on the Wild Side

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Bar Hop: Walk on the Wild Side

This Bar Hop takes place in downtown Toronto. It includes 4 stops at 4 very different bars. The stops open early so this doesn’t have to mean a late night should you choose. While on this Bar Hop you will see one of the busiest and most populated neighbourhoods in Toronto. So vibrant! So full of life! So easy to find great cocktails! The first 3 stops on this Bar Hop have great food so we recommend getting bites at each.

This Bar Hop cannot take place on a Monday or Tuesday.

This Bar Hop is fully walkable – the furthest walking distance between two bars is 10 minutes.

Stop 1 opens at 3pm and Stop 2 opens at 5pm.

Stop 2 closes at 10pm and Stop 3 closes at 10pm.

Stop 4 goes until 2am so it is a great place to settle in at the end of the night.

Stops 1, 2 and 3 have outdoor patios (as well as indoor seating). Stop 4 has only indoor seating.


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Stop 1 is not directly obvious.




It’s a bit hidden away but once you find it, you may not want to leave.





Head to 642 King Street West, take the laneway on your right and walk straight until you see a door that reads “104”.


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Toronto Bar Hop | Bartender Atlas

Recommendations for making your night great:

– Please drink responsibly.

– Please be respectful of the policies of the establishment.

– Please be respectful of the measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic including capacity limits per table. Please review the Government of Ontario website for the current guidelines: https://www.ontario.ca/page/reopening-ontario 

– Your participation in the Bar Hop does not guarantee a place at the establishment. Keep in mind that due to the pandemic, all establishments are working with a smaller capacity than in the before times. You may have to wait to get a table (or pop into a nearby place to grab a quick soda while you wait!). The availability at the establishment will vary. We highly suggest visiting not at peak hours.

– The featured cocktail highlighted on the Bar Hop is a recommendation by us. Feel free to also try other food and drink at the establishment.

– If you have never done a Bar Hop, we recommend reading this blog post that will give you some tips to do it well: HOW TO DO A GOOD BAR HOP.


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Toronto Bar Hop | Bartender Atlas


Please drink responsibly. 



(If you are having troubles finding Stop 1, it is The Parlour)