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If you are one of the 100 to receive our Bartender Activity book, we hope that you are enjoying it and being challenged! Please do share your progress on Instagram by using the hashtag #BartenderActivityBook .

If you did not receive the book, you can download the PDF right here.

On May 28th, Bartender Atlas celebrated 4 years of existence! We wanted to create something that would be fun to celebrate and also something to get bartenders engaged and active so we came up with the idea of creating an activity book. In doing this book, we reached out to brands for support so that we could then hire some of our bartenders to create artwork for this book. It was a way for us to get more money into the pockets of bartenders as a lot of you continue to be unemployed due to this global pandemic.

Each spread features the work from five different Bartender Atlas bartenders: Helen Panyushkina, Angela Lai, Kevin Bogan, Max Coubes and Justin Daigle.

Thank you to our sponsors: Jagermeister, Beattie’s, Howitzer, Chartreuse, WillibaldSanta Teresa 1796, Tequila Patron, Grey Goose, Bacardi and Dillon’s.

Below you will find the answers.


Bartender Atlas Activity Book



Pg 2 – Pop Quiz with Jagermeister
How many herbs and botanicals are in every sip of Jagermeister? 56
What is the birthplace of Jagermeister? Wolfenbuttel, Gemany
What is the name of the family responsible for creating Jagermeister? The Mast Family
What test did Curt Mast put the iconic bottle through before deciding on its shape? He dropped it.
What was the name of the Saint that had a vision of a stag with a crucifix between its antlers that now adorns the Jagermeister label? St. Hubertus.
Jagermeister is aged in German Oak for one year, true or false? True
“Prost” is German for what? Cheers!
What temperature should Jagermeister be served at? -18C
The Mast family ran a business selling what, before shifting gears to herbal liqueur? Vinegar
What type of foliage are shown under the Stag on the Jagermeister label? Oak and Pine

Pg 3 – Connect•the•Dots with Jagermeister
Bartender Atlas Activity BookPg 4 – Find all the Beattie’s Bottles
There are 14 total.

Bartender Atlas Activity Book

Pg 5 – Match the Cocktails with Howitzer

Bartender Atlas Activity Book

Pg 6 – Word Search with Chartreuse

Bartender Atlas Activity Book

Pg 7 – Spot the 10 Differences with Willibald

Bartender Atlas Activity Book

Pg 8 – Bar Math with Santa Teresa, Tequila Patron, Grey Goose and Bacardi

  1. Frida is having 6 friends over and wants to make a Margarita and a Daiquiri for everyone. If there is .75oz of lime juice in each Margarita and each Daiquiri, how many ounces lime juice does she need (assuming she doesn’t spill any and her guests don’t over indulge?  
    A: Nine Ounces
  2. It takes Marc 50 seconds to make a Cosmopolitan and 60 seconds to make a Grey Goose Martini. He can make 2 Cosmopolitans in the same shaker. He can stir and shake at the same time. A drink ticket comes up for 2 Cosmopolitans and a Martini. How long until Vanessa, Serena and Chuck get their round of drinks?
    A: One minute and fifty seconds.
  3. A table of 7 just ordered 7 kamikaze shots, 3 mojitos, one margarita on rocks, one margarita with a salt rim, up, one Rum Manhattan and a Martini. How many mint sprigs do you need for garnish?
    A: Three
  4. You are batching for an event. You have been asked to prepare 50 of each cocktail. The menu is Espresso Martini, Rum Old Fashioned, El Diablo, Hemingway Daiquiri. How many bottles of Benedictine should you buy?
    A: Zero
  5. If you get an order for 2 Last Words, 2 Paper Planes and 2 Corpse Reviver #2,  and one Naked and Famous Cocktail, how many millilitres of alcoholic liquid are you pouring into your tins?
    A: 472.5ml (approx)
  6. Each case holds 6 bottles. This week’s liquor order calls for 8 bottles of Bacardi Superior, 4 bottles of Grey Goose, 4 bottles of Santa Teresa 1796, 2 Patron Silver and 1 Patron Añejo. How many cases do you need to drag down to the liquor room?
    A: 3 cases, plus one bottle awkwardly wedged between your chin and the top of a case.


Pg 9 – Crossword Puzzler with Santa Teresa, Tequila Patron, Grey Goose and Bacardi

Bartender Atlas Activity Book

Pg 10 – Find Your Way to Negroni Heaven with Dillon’s

Bartender Atlas Activity Book

Pg 10 – D’umble with Dillon’s
Voter Hum – Vermouth
Agar Ani – Niagara
Bane Hits – Absinthe
Accessed Mires – Creme de Cassis
Deigns Nervy – Dry Gin Seven
Writhe Ye – White Rye
Advent Deify Invoke Moth – Method Ninety Five Vodka
Dairy Hickeys Wanna – Canadian Rye Whisky
Ignores – Rose Gin
Betti Mrs Woodrow – Wormwood Bitters

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