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Vancouver-based DRNK is the creation of entrepreneur Suzette N Ramcharan. When she began exploring her sobriety, she found that many canned non-alcoholic cocktails were riddled with processed sugar and other additives so she set out to create something different. DRNK contains all natural ingredients and is gluten-free. Currently the DRNK lineup includes two RTDs: Mojito and Mule. These ones are for those who love sweeter cocktails.

The Mojito is sweetened with cane sugar and brings back memories of mojitos in Havana. The Mule includes monk fruit juice concentrate and stevia and has only 1g of sugar. Both also have 25mg of caffeine for a little kick thanks to coffee fruit extract.

What do we like about DRNK? In a world that is filled with so many artificial additives and food products that we likely shouldn’t be consuming, it’s great to know that these are made of totally natural ingredients.

You can purchase DRNK from their website or from a retailer near you.

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