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When you are new to not drinking alcohol, you may be overwhelmed with all of the non-alcoholic options available. When you are a veteran of not drinking alcohol, you may be stuck drinking the same things over and over. This is where Free Bar is a wonderful thing.

Free Bar is a delivery service for premium craft non-alcoholic drinks. They make discovering new products easy and accessible with their monthly boxes full of new and unique non-alcoholic options. Orders are packaged and shipped from Hamilton, Ontario and can be sent across Canada. Each month you can choose from a Non-Alcoholic Beer Box, a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Box or a Mixed Box. Seen here is their January mixed box which includes three beers and three RTDs.

What we like about Free Bar: the surprise of what you are going to get making it a great opportunity to try something new.

Free Bar is available from their website. Bonus: use our coupon code (bartenderatlas) to save $5 on your purchase.

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