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Grüvi was one of the first non-alcoholic brands that we remember trying and thinking “Oh! Non-alcoholic beers have really stepped up!” Along with their non-alcoholic wines, Grüvi is doing great things.

For this feature, Grüvi gave us a mix of their beers and wines. All of these are vegan except for the Mocha Nitro Stout.

Their Golden Lager (0.5% ABV) is a classic take on an American-style lager. Each batch is brewed with Centennial hops. It then goes through a traditional lagering fermentation which means each batch takes about 6 weeks to fully brew. The result is a lightly malted and totally crushable beer.

Their Mocha Nitro Stout (0.5%) is a smooth and full-bodied ale with notes of chocolate and coffee. This is the only non-alcoholic beer that we have come across and it is delicious!

Their Juicy IPA (0.5%) is a lightly hopped and fruity beer. This IPA is less filtered than their other beers so is slightly cloudy.

Their Bubbly Rosé is made with Californian-grown Chardonnay and Cabernet grapes and is 0% ABV and contains no added sugar.

Their Dry Secco is the Grüvi version of a traditional prosecco. It’s made with Californian-grown Chardonnay grapes and the same as above, it has 0% ABV and contains zero sugar. This is a great option for all of your non-alcoholic spritzes.

Their Dry Red Blend is made with a blend of Californian-grown wine grapes. It’s dry and full body. There is a hint of oak and tannins in this. This wine fully ferments before the alcohol is removed to make it 0% ABV.

What do we like about Grüvi? We like that they were one of the first out of the gate with non-alcoholic products (at least in our area of the globe!) and that they consistently turn out great products. What we really love is that their Dry Secco and Bubbly Rosé come in a 4-pack of 275ml bottles. When drinking non-alcoholic wine, our experience is that you don’t always want to open a full bottle. Having these smaller bottles are fantastic to have on hand.

Find where Grüvi is available in your area by visiting their website.

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