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Rorschach Brewing Co makes FANTASTIC beers. Every single one that we have tried is excellent. They are making interesting beers without trying too hard or going too overboard which is something that we really appreciate. But we are here to talk about non-alcoholic products and guess what? They have that too – both a sparkling water and a beer.

Tears of Mine Enemies is a tall boy of sparkling water that is a collaboration between Rorschach Brewing Co. and Inner Decay. These tears are made super crushable from vanilla and lime flavours, and a moderate carbonation. It’s perfect straight from the can, or mixed with gin.

Free Spirit Adventure IPA is the first beer from Rorschach Brewing Co.’s non-alcoholic line, Free Spirit. It is brewed with oats, wheat, and galaxy hops. It has a soft, well-rounded body that accentuates notes of stone fruit and peach candy. Finishes with a pleasant bitterness.

Why do we like Rorschach Brewing Co? Both drinks are super crushable. We already know that Rorschach’s regular beers are great so knew their NA one would be equally awesome. We are unsure of what is in Tears of Mine Enemies to make it so addictive because all we can say is: we want more!

Both are available for purchase from Rorschach Brewing Co (online and retail). Tears of Mine Enemies is also available at the Inner Decay pop up store at Stackt Market. Adventure IPA is also available at C’est What and Otto’s Bierhalle in Toronto.

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