Kathryn Sears

Kathryn Sears | Bartender Atlas

Who | Kathryn Sears
Where | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Current Bar | The Courtney Room
Past Bar(s) | Charlotte & The Quail, Clive’s Classic Lounge, Pagliacci’s
Favourite Spirit | Bourbon
Favourite Juice | Mango
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Whisky Sour
Favourite Part of the Job | I get to finally interact with people on the floor and dazzle them with my winning personality, and believe me it a show to see folks! I have unlimited knowledge of food that I finally get to apply to life everyday as I am no longer a practicing chef.
Favourite After Work Drink | Negronis till I die.
Favourite at Home Drink | Aviations or Ramos Fizzes, because I like to challenge myself.
Favourite bar in the world | Katana Kitten (NYC)
Best known for | My food creations as I am a red seal chef, but in the bar world I like to have a story behind my cocktails and express this with unique ingredients and garnishes.
Favourite “at work” memory | My first solo shift behind the bar during an industry night when I got into a groove and felt that break through moment where everything clicked and my movement became one with my body behind the bar. It felt great to know how I was going to move just based on muscle memory in a short period of time.

What do you collect? Beer Coasters from all over the world
Favourite thing about your city? The close hospitality family we have created in this city and I know the support is always there if I need a need a shoulder to cry on.
What was the last photo that you took? A cat… animals for therapy everyday
Where is one place that you have never been but would like to travel to? Thailand
Any claims to fame? I make a mean soup and I am a maker of bitters…you want it I can make it!

Prosecco or Cava? Cava
Angostura or Peychaud’s? Angostura
Singapore or San Francisco? Singapore
Grapefruit or Pineapple? Grapefruit

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes I am! Call on me.
Find them: Instagram