Mara Marski

Mara Marski | Bartender Atlas

Who | Mara Marski
Where | Antarctica / Los Angeles, California, USA
Current Bar | McMurdo Station / Rosaline
Past Bar(s) | Barrel & Ashes
Favourite Spirit | Tequila
Favourite Juice | Pineapple
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Pisco Sour
Favourite Part of the Job | The communities that we get to make with coworkers and guests. And the general shenanigans.
Favourite After Work Drink | Pineapple Daiquiri
Favourite at Home Drink | Tommy’s Margarita
Favourite bar in the world | Dandelyan (London) …may it rest in peace and Nomad (New York)
Best known for | Hospitality
Favourite “at work” memory | An actor I had seen perform Hamlet on the West End came into my bar and we chatted for several hours. Eventually we started talking about theatre and I confessed that I knew who he was and that I was a fan. He and his boyfriend both lost their minds when I showed an Instagram photo HE HAD TAKEN of us at the stage door, and then he came around the bar to recreate the photo with me. I guess sometimes it’s okay to meet your heroes, as long as you’re making them potent mezcal cocktails.

What do you collect? I travel a lot so I usually bring home a bottle of whatever’s local on a trip. I did once bring home crab infused cachaca from Brazil and gave it to manager I particularly disliked.
Favourite thing about your city? Los Angeles gets a lot of hate, and honestly I get some of it. But this whole city was built on the backs of dreamers and you can see it EVERYWHERE you look. And I love that.
What was the last photo that you took? A picture of a bougie ice cream cone.
Where was last place you traveled? The Maldives
Any claims to fame? I am a Camp Runamok alumni and I have traveled to all seven continents. I’m actually headed to Antartica for a brief bartending stint in…oh about three weeks.

Lager or IPA? Lager
Sparkling or Flat? Sparkling
Miami or Mexico City? Mexico City
Olive or Twist? Twist

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes