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When real life working bartenders are the people behind a non-alcoholic drink brand, you know it’s going to be good! We first met Fin Soda last year at a cocktail competition in Montréal. These non-alcoholic options were readily available for the guests at this event and can we just say: why isn’t every branded event offering this?!

Fin Soda was created by Pierre-Hugues Marois and Melanie Aumais because they found a lack of interesting, complex, nonalcoholic cocktails and beverage on the market. They use real ingredients for these drinks – they zest, juice, infuse and transform everything in house, trying to utilize local ingredients as much as possible. Fin Soda has a regular line of flavours as well as limited edition seasonal sodas. They are great on their own but can also be used as mixers.

Seen here are their Apertivo, Lemon & Lime Verbena and their seasonal Camerise.

Their Aperitivo was the first of their nonalcoholic cocktail line. It is a truly bittersweet Italian inspire drink with lots of citrus and Quebec raspberries combined with tons of local roots and spices. Perfect for people who like negronis and spritzes.

Their Lemon & Lime Verbena is like an iced herbal tea. You can really taste the herbaceous notes of the verbena in a tasty soothing lemonade style drink. It includes toasted coriander and rye seeds for extra texture. This one is our favourite of the Fin Sodas that we have tried.

Their Camerise is a seasonal addition of Haskap Berry & Balsam Fir. This is the fruitiest of the line but is super well balanced with all the acidity coming from haskap berries and just a little Nordic feel.

They are also about to launch a NA Mule which is a really spicy ginger beer made using chilis and pink peppercorn to mimic the heat of alcohol. It will be available in February.

What do we like about Fin Soda? We love that it is created by actual working bartenders because who else should we be trusting with what we are drinking?! These sodas are delicious and oh so satisfying as a special drink when one is avoiding alcohol.

Fin Soda ships across Ontario and Québec and can purchased from their website here.

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