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Sometimes when you are choosing not to drink, you want to go for a non-alcoholic spirit that is familiar – like an aperitivo or amaretto. Monsieur Cocktail is made in Québec and their line-up of non-alcoholic spirits includes those.

Their Amaretto NOA has less than 0.5% ABV. It is 100% natural, allergen-free and is made with maple syrup (hello Québec!) and cane sugar. It has a classic amaretto flavour of almonds and cherry blossom, with a fine note of macadamia nuts. Perfect on the rocks with a freshly squeezed lemon or in any of your favourite cocktails. We are big fans of Amaretto Sours in this house!

Their Aperitivo Spritz is fully non-alcoholic. It is also 100% natural and is made with cane sugar as well as orange and white grape juices. This spirit has a warm nose of orange zest and is punctuated with caramelized notes. On the palate, the vegetal bitterness of the gentian coats the tongue, followed by sweet notes of orange pulp and barley sugar. Perfect in Spritz with non-alcoholic sparkling wine, soda or Tonic water.

What we like about about Monsieur Cocktail: When drink brands are created by industry professionals, we know that it’s going to be good! It is nice to have quality non-alcoholic spirits like these that allow non-drinkers to have a delicious cocktail without missing out. Plus, the branding! How beautiful would these look on your bar cart?!

Monsieur Cocktail is available on their website as well as most grocery stores and Tite Frette stores in Québec.

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