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Kush Patel

Who | Kush PatelWhere | London, Ontario, CanadaCurrent Bar | –Past Bar(s) | Hard Rock Cafe (Whitefield, Bangalore, India)Favourite Spirit | White rumFavourite Juice | OrangeFavourite Classic Cocktail | NegroniFavourite Part of the Job | Smile on the guest’s face when they taste my drinkFavourite After Work Drink | Rum and CokeFavourite at Home Drink…

Leo Fernandes

Who | Leo FernandesWhere | London, Ontario, CanadaCurrent Bar | Mocking BirdPast Bar(s) | Nite Owl, Los Lobos, Palasad, Salt Lounge, CasinoFavourite Spirit | GinFavourite Juice | PineappleFavourite Classic Cocktail | Old Fashioned spinsFavourite Part of the Job | Making the perfect cocktail from the description of the customer’s tastes.Favourite After Work Drink | Give…

Jeff Scott

Who | Jeff ScottWhere | London, Ontario, CanadaCurrent Bar | iPour EventsPast Bar(s) | Dimi’s Greek House, Joe Kool’s, Richmond TavernFavourite Spirit | VodkaFavourite Juice | PineappleFavourite Classic Cocktail | Dirty MartiniFavourite Part of the Job | GuestsFavourite After Work Drink | Beer and shotFavourite at Home Drink | Vodka soda/beerFavourite bar in the world | Employees Only (NYC)Best known for | Event coordination and cocktail designFavourite “at work”…

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