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Humza Mirza

Who | Humza MirzaWhere | Windsor, Ontario, CanadaCurrent Bar | Red Lobster and Launch Events Co.Past Bar(s) | John MaxFavourite Spirit | TequilaFavourite Juice | GrapefruitFavourite Classic Cocktail | NegroniFavourite Part of the Job | Watching the smile on a customer after they try your drink!Favourite After Work Drink | Old FashionedFavourite at Home Drink…

Spencer Ruthven

Who | Spencer RuthvenWhere | Windsor, Ontario, CanadaCurrent Bar | Blind Owl, Loose Goose (Lakeshore), Wineology (Kingsville)Past Bar(s) | R&D Spadina (Toronto),  Mother Tongue (Toronto)Favourite Spirit | BourbonFavourite Juice | PineappleFavourite Classic Cocktail | Paper PlaneFavourite Part of the Job | CreationFavourite After Work Drink | JamesonFavourite at Home Drink | Negroni or BoulevardierFavourite bar…

Bryon Umbenhower

Who | Bryon UmbenhowerWhere | Windsor, CanadaCurrent Bar | FreelancePast Bar(s) | Blind Owl, RockefellerFavourite Spirit | Overproof WhiskeyFavourite Juice | OrangeFavourite Classic Cocktail | Old FashionedFavourite Part of the Job | Exploring new possibilitiesFavourite After Work Drink | Something to sip slowlyFavourite at Home Drink | Straight whisk(e)yFavourite bar in the world | The Barrel House (Windsor, Ontario)Best known for | My collection of alcoholFavourite “at work”…

Mark Dutka

Who | Mark DutkaWhere | Windsor, Ontario, CanadaCurrent Bar | Blind OwlPast Bar(s) | Rhino’sFavourite Spirit | BourbonFavourite Juice | LemonFavourite Classic Cocktail | NegroniFavourite Part of the Job | CreativityFavourite After Work Drink | BeerFavourite at Home Drink | WineFavourite bar in the world | Beach Bar on Grand Turk Island (Turks & Caicos)Best known for | Super fresh cocktails made from local seasonal ingredients.Favourite “at work” memory…

Tom Scully

Who | Tom ScullyWhere | Windsor, Ontario, CanadaCurrent Bar | Food & Beverage and Grand CantinaPast Bar(s) | Calico Jacks (Grand Cayman)Favourite Spirit | Equal opportunity drinkerFavourite Juice | PineappleFavourite Classic Cocktail | NegroniFavourite Part of the Job | The peopleFavourite After Work Drink | NegroniFavourite at Home Drink | Depends on how the day was!Favourite bar in the world | The Coldroom (Montreal)Best known for | Dad jokes and…

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