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Giancarlo Bonanno

Who | Giancarlo BonannoWhere | Montreal, CanadaCurrent Bar | LacerbaPast Bar(s) | Idole Cocktail Lounge and Snowbird Tiki Room  Le PourvoyeurFavourite Spirit | Rye (for now)Favourite Juice | Pineapple is a perfect juice for flavour, acidity and emulsions.Favourite Classic Cocktail | The Dry Martini, when well made is perfection.Favourite Part of the Job | The social aspect of it.Favourite After Work Drink | Just a…

Andrea Valletta

Who | Andrea VallettaWhere | Naples, Italy, EuropeCurrent Bar | Spazio NeaPast Bar(s) | Cratere, Cafè Street 45, MoodFavourite Spirit | Gin, WhiskyFavourite Juice | Pineapple, LimeFavourite Classic Cocktail | Whisky Sour, Gin Fizz, Americano, MartiniFavourite Part of the Job | To know people/to learnFavourite After Work Drink | Gin Fizz or Gin & TonicFavourite at Home Drink | Amaro Montenegro & TonicFavourite bar in the world | Jerry Thomas Project…

Mattia Venegoni

Who | Mattia VenegoniWhere | Milan, Italy, EuropeCurrent Bar | Barman MilanoPast Bar(s) | C Lounge (Varese), Cube (Tradate), Foresta Woodbar, Le Banque, Zsa Zsa DiscoFavourite Spirit | Bourbon whiskeyFavourite Juice | CranberryFavourite Classic Cocktail | Whiskey SourFavourite Part of the Job | The start up. I love the order.Favourite After Work Drink | Mai taiFavourite at Home Drink | Breakfast MartiniFavourite bar in the world | High…

Alessandro Di Fabrizio

Who | Alessandro Di FabrizioWhere | Pescara, Italy, EuropeCurrent Bar | La Nuova LavanderiaPast Bar(s) | Cahoots (London), Bar Termini (London)Favourite Spirit | MezcalFavourite Juice | Pink grapefruitFavourite Classic Cocktail | Old FashionedFavourite Part of the Job | Hospitality / mixologyFavourite After Work Drink | DaiquiriFavourite at Home Drink | Gin tonicFavourite bar in the world | Bar Termini (London)Best known for | Smile 😉Best story from behind the wood | Too many…

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