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Josh Lindley has been bartending in Toronto since 2007. Before working for Hendrick's Gin as a Brand Ambassador he was bar manager at Campagnolo and a hired gun at Bar Isabel. He has contributed to many magazines, tv shows and newspapers with his recipes and opinions. Currently pouring at Chantecler, he enjoys being an ambassador to Toronto and talking about horror movies, punk rock and basketball.

Bar Hop: Montreal

We are so fortunate! After a 3 year hiatus, we got to travel to Montreal twice in the last few months. Montreal in the summer is gorgeous. There are hundreds of terraces to sit on and watch the city go by. The drinks being offered on those patios and then in the cocktail bars later…

Bar Hop: Detroit

When I was a kid I remember being stuck at my dad’s house for a weekend and there was a made for TV movie about the life of Isiah Thomas that we watched. This was right before the Pistons won the NBA Championship and maybe was the reason I started getting into basketball. We recently…

Bar Hop: Boston

A few weeks ago, we got to travel to Boston for their annual Cocktail Conference, Thirst! Neither of us had ever spent any real time in Boston. There had been quick drop-ins or family trips from our youth, but never any adult time so we were pumped to hit up the city. Boston is a great town…

Adam D’Intino on Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers and the Dillon’s Cocktail Cup

In Ontario, there are few people in the drinks industry more in touch with what’s really happening than Adam D’Intino. Since first meeting Adam about 5 years ago, he has supported the growth and education of bartenders in the province through his regular visits and his inspirational story. Besides all the stuff he talks about…

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