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Tamara Rose

Who | Tamara RoseWhere | Dallas, Texas, USACurrent Bar | ParliamentPast Bar(s) | Harlowe MXM, The Mitchell, The Pump Bar (OKC), Sheraton (OKC), O Bar (OKC), Whiskey Cake (OKC), Meatball House (OKC), Goldsby Casino (OKC), Newcastle Casino (OKC)Favourite Spirit | RumFavourite Juice | AnyFavourite Classic Cocktail | All of themFavourite Part of the Job |…

Austin Millspaugh

Who | Austin MillspaughWhere | Dallas, Texas, USACurrent Bar | The Standard PourPast Bar(s) | BoulevardierFavourite Spirit | ChartreuseFavourite Juice | DurianFavourite Classic Cocktail | BijouFavourite Part of the Job | The guestsFavourite After Work Drink | Froze (lol)Favourite at Home Drink | AlaskanFavourite bar in the world | Gibson and Night JarBest known for | Not really sureFavourite “at work” memory | Having a night where 1/2 our bar needed out…

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